Our Vision

To associate the name “Caner Makina Kalıp” with “quality” in international markets; maintain competitiveness through customer centricity work and continuous improvement; show the importance we attach to our employees; ensure that all employees embrace the company’s culture and to be proud of working in this institution; provide them with the opportunity to constantly renew and develop themselves; and receive their contributions on the way to improvement; make our customers and sub-industry companies feel the privilege of working with us with our honesty and openness, with the right information and product flow on time; and be globally competitive by going into value-added production.

Our Mission

To be among the top 5 companies within 5 years in our field. To ensure that our customers are permanent by providing the best product at the desired time and quality at the desired standards and conditions, at the same time, to reduce our costs and to ensure the continuity of growth by increasing our profits.