Since 1998

In 1998, SEÇEN Makine (machine) was founded with 100% local capital by Ali Erseçen. in order to receive the Limited Company status in Eskişehir, manufacturing activities began to be able to produce industrial plants.

Our experience is our guarantee.
24 Years of Experience and Experience


Caner Makina Kalıp, manufactures precision glass molds, machine spare parts and automotive parts by using CNC and CMM devices with the necessary software support.

Machines Park

Caner Makina Kalıp kurumsal bilgiyi son derece değerli bir varlık olarak kabul etmektedir. Bilgi; iş faaliyetlerimizin sürdürülebilmesi...

Engineering and Design

Caner Makina Kalıp, which has expert and experienced engineers in its field, carries out design and engineering studies to the finest detail on projects requested by the customer